Ahead of its “Sunday Night Football” matchup with the Cowboys, Washington brought its own benches to Dallas’ AT&T Stadium.

On the surface, that may just seem odd. In reality, it’s the pettiest move any team has made during the 2021 NFL season.

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To understand the full scale of this decision, we have to go back a couple of weeks, to when the Cowboys traveled to FedEx Field to face Washington. Before that game, the Cowboys had gotten word from the Seahawks that the heated benches on the visitor’s side of Washington’s home field had some issues.

As a result, Dallas decided to bring its own customized “Dallas” benches to the stadium. Naturally, Washington didn’t take that decision too well, so it’s returning the favor.

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Washington rented benches from the same company where the Cowboys got theirs — Dragon Seats — and will have them at its final three road games of the season. It may have made sense to do this for a Tuesday night game in Philadelphia where the temperature was in the 30s, but the decision to lug these benches to Arlington as a measure of revenge is as comical as it is pointless.

The Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium. That stadium is located in Arlington. The temperature in Arlington on Sunday is 76 degrees and features a low of 63. So, based on the weather alone, Washington wouldn’t need the heating capabilities of their rented benches.

Of course, the funniest part of this all is that AT&T Stadium is an indoor arena. As such, it’s climate-controlled. So even if it was a cold day in Texas, Washington would have no need for these heated benches.

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The gesture isn’t so much about utility, on Washington’s part. It’s more about flipping its rival the bird and getting some extra Washington logos on the sideline.

But perhaps Washington should focus more of its resources on winning against Dallas. They are sitting at 6-8 and will almost certainly need to win out to have a chance at one of the NFC’s final wild card spots in 2021. Certainly, the players and coaches had nothing to do with this decision, but giving the Cowboys any extra motivation and fuel in a rivalry game certainly doesn’t seem like a good idea.