The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on the daily operations of the 2021-22 NBA season.

A COVID-19 surge in the month of December has caused over 100 NBA players to return positive tests and enter the league’s COVID health and safety protocols. Several teams have been impacted more than others, with as many as 13 players on one team being placed in the protocols at the same time.

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As of Dec. 30, the NBA has postponed a total of 11 games due to teams’ lack of available players. Per NBA rules, a game is postponed when a team has fewer than eight available players.

Below, you will find the list of games that have been postponed and a tally of teams most affected.

NBA games postponed in 2021-22

DateGameRescheduled Date
Dec. 14Pistons vs. BullsJan. 11
Dec. 16Bulls vs. RaptorsFeb. 3
Dec. 19Cavaliers vs. HawksMarch 31
Dec. 19Nuggets vs. NetsJan. 26
Dec. 19Pelicans vs. 76ersJan. 25
Dec. 20Magic vs. RaptorsMarch 4
Dec. 21Wizards vs. NetsFeb. 17
Dec. 22Raptors vs. BullsJan. 26
Dec. 23Nets vs. Trail BlazersJan. 10
Dec. 29Heat vs. SpursFeb. 3
Dec. 30Warriors vs. NuggetsMarch 7

NBA games postponed by team

  • Bulls, Nets, Raptors: three games
  • Nuggets: two games
  • 76ers, Cavaliers, Hawks, Heat, Magic, Pelicans, Pistons, Spurs, Trail Blazers, Warriors, Wizards: one game

To combat availability issues, the NBA and NBPA reportedly made amendments to the league’s hardship exemption on Dec. 20, allowing teams to sign a replacement player for each positive COVID-19 case on their respective rosters.

In some cases, however, replacement players were also placed within the COVID health and safety protocols, which, in conjunction with injuries, has resulted in the most recent postponements.

When will make up games be rescheduled?

Unlike the 2020-21 season, when the truncated 72-game schedule was announced in two halves, the 82-game schedule for the 2021-22 season was announced in full. Games will likely be rescheduled in accordance with the travel of affected teams.

In the instance of the Bulls and Raptors, two games between the teams needed to be rescheduled.