Week 15 is here and no teams are on a bye, but the COVID-19 protocols are starting to rip players out of fantasy lineups and there is still a seemingly never-ending list of injuries. You’ll have to dive deep into our Week 15 superflex and flex rankings for your start-or-sit decisions. We thought we’d have close to a full complement of guys to fill our rankings, but that may not be the case. It can be difficult to know who to start in one of your flex spots as you compare potential sleepers from multiple positions, but that’s what these rankings are here to help with.

With the fantasy playoffs starting, we have a ton of data, and the pecking order and positional breakdowns for both standard flex and superflex are becoming more clear, though matchups, health, and trends keep the individual players fluid from week-to-week. Last week, Davis Mills and Mike Glennon were both top-32 overall scorers, which further proves the notion that QBs always have the most upside and safest floors. If you’ve checked our rankings every week, we’ve harped on this all season long, but even struggling quarterbacks with worrisome matchups are in play over fringe starters. There might be a few rare instances where you’d rather play a position player in a superflex spot, but generally, just go with a QB and don’t overthink it. By now, we hope you know how these leagues work.

As always, we also have our standard flex rankings, which, unlike positional rankings, are most important from the middle to the end. We have plenty of WRs toward the bottom of the list because they have the higher ceilings, but if you’re looking for a higher floor, at least in standard leagues, you should consider an RB who gets more guaranteed touches. Injuries to key running backs have opened the door to backfield committees, which creates more low-ceiling but viable RB prospects.

Quarterback | Running back | Wide Receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

We’ll continue to update these superflex and flex rankings throughout the week, so check back for the latest player movement.

Quarterback | Running back | Wide Receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings: Superflex

These rankings are for standard, non-PPR leagues with 4-point passing TDs.

UPDATE: We’re not ranking players currently on the reserve/COVID list, though some still have a chance to play this week.

1Tom Brady, TB vs. NOQB
2Justin Herbert, LAC vs. KCQB
3Kyler Murray, ARI @ DETQB
4Jalen Hurts, PHI vs. WASQB
5Aaron Rodgers, GB @ BALQB
6Matthew Stafford, LAR vs. SEAQB
7Dak Prescott, DAL @ NYGQB
8Patrick Mahomes, KC @ LACQB
9Russell Wilson, SEA @ LARQB
10Joe Burrow, CIN @ DENQB
11Josh Allen, BUF vs. CARQB
12Taysom Hill, NO @ TBQB
13Kirk Cousins, MIN @ CHIQB
14Jimmy Garoppolo, SF vs. ATLQB
15Tua Tagovailoa, MIA vs. NYJQB
16Justin Fields, CHI vs. MINQB
17Ezekiel Elliott, DAL @ NYGRB
18Austin Ekeler, LAC vs. KCRB
19Mac Jones, NE @ INDQB
20Nick Chubb, CLE vs. LVRB
21Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. TENQB
22Jonathan Taylor, IND vs. NERB
23Cooper Kupp, LAR vs. SEAWR
24Dalvin Cook, MIN @ CHIRB
25Zach Wilson, NYJ @ MIAQB
26Justin Jefferson, MIN @ CHIWR
27Joe Mixon, CIN @ DENRB
28Davante Adams, GB @ BALWR
29David Montgomery, CHI vs. MINRB
30Carson Wentz, IND vs. NEQB
31Derek Carr, LV @ CLEQB
32Ryan Tannehill, TEN @ PITQB
33Mike Evans, TB vs. NOWR
34Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC @ LACRB
35Deebo Samuel, SF vs. ATLWR
36Chris Godwin, TB vs. NOWR
37Diontae Johnson, PIT vs. TENWR
38Trevor Lawrence, JAX vs. HOUQB
39CeeDee Lamb, DAL @ NYGWR
40Tyreek Hill, KC @ LACWR
41Keenan Allen, LAC vs. KCWR
42Myles Gaskin, MIA vs. NYJRB
43Matt Ryan, ATL @ SFQB
44Cordarrelle Patterson, ATL @ SFRB
45Najee Harris, PIT vs. TENRB
46Alvin Kamara, NO @ TBRB
47Amari Cooper, DAL @ NYGWR
48Brandin Cooks, HOU @ JAXWR
49Tyler Huntley, BAL vs. GBQB
50Terry McLaurin, WAS @ PHIWR
51Stefon Diggs, BUF vs. CARWR
52James Robinson, JAX vs. HOURB
53DeVonta Smith, PHI vs. WASWR
54Julio Jones, TEN @ PITWR
55DK Metcalf, SEA @ LARWR
56Antonio Gibson, WAS @ PHIRB
57Ja’Marr Chase, CIN @ DENWR
58James Conner, ARI @ DETRB
59DeVante Parker, MIA vs. NYJWR
60Teddy Bridgewater, DEN vs. CINQB
61Elijah Mitchell, SF vs. ATLRB
62Aaron Jones, GB @ BALRB
63Darrell Henderson, LAR vs. SEARB
64Travis Kelce, KC @ LACTE
65Javonte Williams, DEN vs. CINRB
66Brandon Aiyuk, SF vs. ATLWR
67Chase Claypool, PIT vs. TENWR
68A.J. Green, ARI @ DETWR
69Mike Glennon, NYG vs. DALQB
70Darnell Mooney, CHI vs. MINWR
71Hunter Renfrow, LV @ CLEWR
72Saquon Barkley, NYG vs. DALRB
73Mike Williams, LAC vs. KCWR
74Davis Mills, HOU @ JAXQB
75Leonard Fournette, TB vs. NORB
76Jerry Jeudy, DEN vs. CINWR
77Tee Higgins, CIN @ DENWR
78Odell Beckham Jr., LAR vs. SEAWR
79Jeff Wilson Jr., SF vs. ATLRB
80Marquise Brown, BAL vs GBWR
81Christian Kirk, ARI @ DETWR
82D.J. Moore, CAR @ BUFWR
83Cam Newton, CAR @ BUFQB
84Devonta Freeman, BAL vs. GBRB
85Jared Goff, DET vs. ARIQB
86D’Onta Foreman, TEN @ PITRB
87Josh Jacobs, LV @ CLERB
88Mark Andrews, BAL vs. GBTE
89Nick Mullens, CLE vs. LVQB
90Kyle Shurmur, WAS @ PHIQB
91Kendrick Bourne, NE @ INDWR
92Jamison Crowder, NYJ @ MIAWR
93Van Jefferson, LAR vs. SEAWR
94Michael Gallup, DAL @ NYGWR
95Chuba Hubbard, CAR @ BUFRB
96Chase Edmonds, ARI @ DETRB
97Melvin Gordon, DEN vs. CINRB
98Michael Carter, NYJ @ MIARB
99Rhamondre Stevenson, NE @ INDRB
100Donovan Peoples-Jones, CLE vs. LVWR
101Marquez Valdes-Scantling, GB @ BALWR
102Rashaad Penny, SEA @ LARRB
103Sterling Shepard, NYG vs. DALWR
104Michael Pittman Jr., IND vs. NEWR
105Miles Sanders, PHI vs. WASRB
106Mike Gesicki, MIA vs. NYJTE
107Rob Gronkowski, TB vs. NOTE
108George Kittle, SF vs. ATLTE
109Jakobi Meyers, NE @ INDWR
110Russell Gage, ATL @ SFWR
111K.J. Osborn, MIN @ CHIWR
112David Johnson, HOU @ JAXRB
113Hunter Henry, NE @ INDTE
114Jordan Howard, PHI vs. WASRB
115Tony Pollard, DAL @ NYGRB
116Sony Michel, LAR vs. SEARB
117AJ Dillon, GB @ BALRB
118Cole Beasley, BUF vs. CARWR
119Laquon Treadwell, JAX vs. HOUWR
120Robby Anderson, CAR @ BUFWR
121Dallas Goedert, PHI vs. WASTE
122Mark Ingram, NO @ TBRB
123Devin Singletary, BUF vs. CARRB
124Craig Reynolds, DET vs. ARIRB
125Darrel Williams, KC @ LACRB
126Tre’Quan Smith, NO @ TBWR
127Josh Reynolds, DET vs. ARIWR
128Braxton Berrios, NYJ @ MIAWR
129Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET vs. ARIWR
130Gabriel Davis, BUF vs. CARWR
131Marvin Jones, JAX vs. HOUWR
132Zach Ertz, ARI @ DETTE
133Pat Freiermuth, PIT vs. TENTE
134Dawson Knox, BUF vs. CARTE
135Dalton Schultz, DAL @ NYGTE
136Salvon Ahmed, MIA vs. NYJRB
137Justin Jackson, LAC vs. KCRB
138Joshua Kelley, LAC vs. KCRB
139Latavius Murray, BAL vs. GBRB
140Matt Breida, BUF vs. CARRB
141Ty Johnson, NYJ @ MIARB
142Kyle Pitts, ATL @ SFTE
143Dontrell Hilliard, TEN @ PITRB
144Jeremy McNichols, TEN @ PITRB
145Rashod Bateman, BAL vs. GBWR
146D’Ernest Johnson, CLE vs. LVRB
147David Njoku, CLE vs. LVTE
148Ricky Seals-Jones, WAS @ PHITE
149Tevin Coleman, NYJ @ MIARB
150Royce Freeman, HOU @ JAXRB

Week 15 Fantasy Flex Rankings

Rankings based on standard, non-PPR scoring

UPDATE: We’re not ranking players currently on the reserve/COVID list, though some still have a chance to play this week.

1Ezekiel Elliott, DAL @ NYGRB
2Austin Ekeler, LAC vs. KCRB
3Nick Chubb, CLE vs. LVRB
4Jonathan Taylor, IND vs. NERB
5Cooper Kupp, LAR vs. SEAWR
6Dalvin Cook, MIN @ CHIRB
7Justin Jefferson, MIN @ CHIWR
8Joe Mixon, CIN @ DENRB
9Davante Adams, GB @ BALWR
10David Montgomery, CHI vs. MINRB
11Mike Evans, TB vs. NOWR
12Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC @ LACRB
13Deebo Samuel, SF vs. ATLWR
14Chris Godwin, TB vs. NOWR
15Diontae Johnson, PIT vs. TENWR
16CeeDee Lamb, DAL @ NYGWR
17Tyreek Hill, KC @ LACWR
18Keenan Allen, LAC vs. KCWR
19Myles Gaskin, MIA vs. NYJRB
20Cordarrelle Patterson, ATL @ SFRB
21Najee Harris, PIT vs. TENRB
22Alvin Kamara, NO @ TBRB
23Amari Cooper, DAL @ NYGWR
24Brandin Cooks, HOU @ JAXWR
25Terry McLaurin, WAS @ PHIWR
26Stefon Diggs, BUF vs. CARWR
27James Robinson, JAX vs. HOURB
28DeVonta Smith, PHI vs. WASWR
29Julio Jones, TEN @ PITWR
30DK Metcalf, SEA @ LARWR
31Antonio Gibson, WAS @ PHIRB
32Ja’Marr Chase, CIN @ DENWR
33James Conner, ARI @ DETRB
34Aaron Jones, GB @ BALRB
35Darrell Henderson, LAR vs. SEARB
36DeVante Parker, MIA vs. NYJWR
37Travis Kelce, KC @ LACTE
38Javonte Williams, DEN vs. CINRB
39Brandon Aiyuk, SF vs. ATLWR
40Chase Claypool, PIT vs. TENWR
41A.J. Green, ARI @ DETWR
42Darnell Mooney, CHI vs. MINWR
43Hunter Renfrow, LV @ CLEWR
44Saquon Barkley, NYG vs. DALRB
45Mike Williams, LAC vs. KCWR
46Leonard Fournette, TB vs. NORB
47Jerry Jeudy, DEN vs. CINWR
48Tee Higgins, CIN @ DENWR
49Odell Beckham Jr., LAR vs. SEAWR
50Jeff Wilson Jr., SF vs. ATLRB
51Marquise Brown, BAL vs GBWR
52Christian Kirk, ARI @ DETWR
53D.J. Moore, CAR @ BUFWR
54Devonta Freeman, BAL vs. GBRB
55D’Onta Foreman, TEN @ PITRB
56Josh Jacobs, LV @ CLERB
57Mark Andrews, BAL vs. GBTE
58Kendrick Bourne, NE @ INDWR
59Jamison Crowder, NYJ @ MIAWR
60Van Jefferson, LAR vs. SEAWR
61Michael Gallup, DAL @ NYGWR
62Chuba Hubbard, CAR @ BUFRB
63Chase Edmonds, ARI @ DETRB
64Melvin Gordon, DEN vs. CINRB
65Michael Carter, NYJ @ MIARB
66Rhamondre Stevenson, NE @ INDRB
67Donovan Peoples-Jones, CLE vs. LVWR
68Marquez Valdes-Scantling, GB @ BALWR
69Rashaad Penny, SEA @ LARRB
70Sterling Shepard, NYG vs. DALWR
71Michael Pittman Jr., IND vs. NEWR
72Miles Sanders, PHI vs. WASRB
73Mike Gesicki, MIA vs. NYJTE
74Rob Gronkowski, TB vs. NOTE
75George Kittle, SF vs. ATLTE
76Jakobi Meyers, NE @ INDWR
77Russell Gage, ATL @ SFWR
78K.J. Osborn, MIN @ CHIWR
79David Johnson, HOU @ JAXRB
80Hunter Henry, NE @ INDTE
81Jordan Howard, PHI vs. WASRB
82Tony Pollard, DAL @ NYGRB
83Sony Michel, LAR vs. SEARB
84AJ Dillon, GB @ BALRB
85Cole Beasley, BUF vs. CARWR
86Laquon Treadwell, JAX vs. HOUWR
87Robby Anderson, CAR @ BUFWR
88Dallas Goedert, PHI vs. WASTE
89Mark Ingram, NO @ TBRB
90Devin Singletary, BUF vs. CARRB
91Craig Reynolds, DET vs. ARIRB
92Darrel Williams, KC @ LACRB
93Tre’Quan Smith, NO @ TBWR
94Josh Reynolds, DET vs. ARIWR
95Braxton Berrios, NYJ @ MIAWR
96Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET vs. ARIWR
97Gabriel Davis, BUF vs. CARWR
98Marvin Jones, JAX vs. HOUWR
99Zach Ertz, ARI @ DETTE
100Pat Freiermuth, PIT vs. TENTE
101Dawson Knox, BUF vs. CARTE
102Dalton Schultz, DAL @ NYGTE
103Salvon Ahmed, MIA vs. NYJRB
104Justin Jackson, LAC vs. KCRB
105Joshua Kelley, LAC vs. KCRB
106Latavius Murray, BAL vs. GBRB
107Matt Breida, BUF vs. CARRB
108Ty Johnson, NYJ @ MIARB
109Kyle Pitts, ATL @ SFTE
110Dontrell Hilliard, TEN @ PITRB
111Jeremy McNichols, TEN @ PITRB
112Rashod Bateman, BAL vs. GBWR
113D’Ernest Johnson, CLE vs. LVRB
114David Njoku, CLE vs. LVTE
115Ricky Seals-Jones, WAS @ PHITE
116Tevin Coleman, NYJ @ MIARB
117Royce Freeman, HOU @ JAXRB
118Keelan Cole, NYJ @ MIAWR
119Marquez Callaway, NO @ TBWR
120DeSean Jackson, LV @ CLEWR
121Kenny Golladay, NYG vs. DALWR
122Courtland Sutton, DEN vs. CINWR
123Nelson Agholor, NE @ INDWR
124Mack Hollins, MIA vs. NYJWR
125Laviska Shenault Jr., JAX vs. HOUWR