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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Gets Caught with His Pants Down – And His Mouth Open – in Congressional Testimony

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No need to chew, we’ve done it for you:

It is no secret that social media platforms like Twitter have faced significant backlash in recent years for handling controversial content and alleged bias against certain users. However, the recent revelation of Twitter documents by Elon Musk has brought these issues to the forefront, raising questions about the veracity of the platform’s claims.

In particular, these documents call into question the testimony of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who testified under oath before Congress in 2018 about the platform’s policies and practices. Dorsey claimed that Twitter does not engage in “shadow-banning” – the method of quietly limiting the reach of certain users’ content without their knowledge – and that the platform is committed to providing a fair and unbiased service.

However, the newly released Twitter documents contradict Dorsey’s testimony. They show that the platform did engage in shadow banning and that Dorsey was aware of this practice. This means that Dorsey either lied under oath or was completely unaware of what was happening on his platform.

Either way, this is a damning revelation that calls into question the credibility of Dorsey and the entire leadership team at Twitter. The fact that Twitter’s general counsel was present during Dorsey’s testimony and did not correct his false statements only compounds the problem.

Twitter has a lot of work to do to regain the trust of its users and the broader public. The platform must be transparent and accountable for its actions, and those in leadership positions must be held to the highest standard of honesty and integrity. Lying under oath is a serious offense, and Dorsey and the Twitter leadership team must be held accountable for their actions.

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