Bite-Sized and Easy to Swallow

The US is facing a critical midterm election that will determine who controls Congress, and therefore, how much power President Biden has.

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Pre-chewed and spit just for your convenience:

•The midterm elections will take place on Tuesday, November 8th and will determine which party controls the House of Representatives and the Senate.
• The party in control of the White House typically loses seats in midterm elections, and nonpartisan forecasts suggest this year’s results will be no exception.
• Republicans are widely favoured to pick up the five seats they need to control the House, while the Senate – currently split 50-50 with Democrats holding the tie-breaking vote – could come down to a quartet of toss-up races in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.
• If Republicans gain control of either chamber of Congress, they would be able to block bills addressing Democratic priorities such as abortion rights and climate change. They could also initiate a showdown over

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