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Rihanna Announces Son on TikTok – First Time Posting!

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The future of news is pre-chewed:

It’s finally happened! After more than a year of speculation, Rihanna has officially revealed her son to the world. The pop star announced the big news via TikTok – making it her first-ever post on the platform!

Rihanna posted a heart-stopping video that included snippets from her Fenty Fashion show at the Zoom virtual New York Fashion Week. The video, set to her song “Lemon” featuring N.E.R.D., showed the superstar cradling an adorable baby boy in her arms as she walked down a runway bordering a pool of water.

The post was captioned simply with three heart emojis, but the message was clear: Rihanna is a proud mama! The singer has yet to reveal her son’s name, but fans quickly expressed their love and admiration for the new mom.

Though she may have taken her time publicly announcing it, it appears that Rihanna has been quietly celebrating her newfound motherhood for a while. She recently posted a photo of herself in a college graduation cap, thanking her son for teaching her “how to take my time.”

It’s safe to say that the world is officially rooting for Rihanna and her beautiful baby boy. Congratulations!

Now that she’s finally revealed the big news, we can’t wait to see what other adventures Rihanna and her son will have. Here’s hoping they share a few more photos with us soon!

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