Reading the room is an acquired skill.

The Buccaneers trounced the Panthers on Sunday, downing Carolina by a tune to 32-6, sending Carolina (5-10) to its 10th loss in 12 games.

Tampa Bay blasting its division rival isn’t a surprise, and neither is one moment late in the game: With under two minutes to play, wideout Robby Anderson decided to celebrate a first down on the Buccaneers sideline.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with celebrating a good play — even during a blowout loss — the whole “time and place” argument was made for Anderson in the moment, with fans and analysts alike ripping him for the gesture.

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Anderson took to Twitter to defend himself on Sunday:

“Dats ppl like you problem always tryna find negative in situations,” Anderson tweeted. “Ima count my blessings and live my dream and enjoy it to the fullest the best I know this dream don’t last forever.”

In another explanatory tweet, Robby added: “Dats a good ass route and catch.”

He’s not wrong (though a hyphenation on “good ass” would have helped): It was a good route and a good catch along the sideline. The celebration in the middle of the Bucs’ sideline, though, was kind of weird, given the score and situation.

It’s not the first time that Anderson has caught the ire of fans and analysts for a mis-timed message. While with the Jets in 2017, Anderson found the cameras along the sideline (coincidentally during a Jets-Panthers matchup) and lobbied for fans to vote for him for the Pro Bowl.

After a stellar 2020 season, Anderson has come back to earth in 2021, with just 459 receiving yards over 15 games this season.

To be fair, if you Sam Darnold and Cam Newton throwing you the ball, you would celebrate every catch, too.