NFL fans are treated to a seemingly longer week of action than they have been in previous weeks.

There have already been games on two separate days, with the Chiefs beating the Chargers on Thursday, and the Browns-Raiders, Colts-Patriots games taking place on Saturday. Now, it’s time to get into the meat of the Week 15 slate as the Sunday games roll around.

In terms of deciding the top of the NFL draft order, there might not be a more high stakes game than the one set to take place Sunday afternoon between the Texans and Jaguars. The two squads are tied with 2-11 records, with Houston holding the tiebreaker for the better record with the head-to-head win in Week 1 of the season.

For those more interested in the playoff race, two contenders on the outside looking in face off in the later slate with the Bengals traveling to Denver to face the Broncos. That 4 o’clock window will also feature a highly anticipated clash between Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson with the Packers traveling to Baltimore to face the Ravens.

The remaining two primetime games will feature divisional showdowns, first in the NFC South with the Saints facing the Buccaneers, and then the NFC North with the Vikings playing the Bears.

Sporting News has you covered for everything you need to watch Week 15 of the season.

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NFL schedule this week: Week 15 TV coverage

Here’s the full schedule for Week 15 of the NFL season, plus final scores and how to watch every game live. 

Note: national broadcasts are listed in bold

Thursday, Dec. 16

GameTime (ET)TV Channel
Chiefs 34, Chargers 288:20 p.m.Fox, NFL Network, fuboTV

Saturday, Dec. 18

GameTime (ET)Channel
Patriots at Colts8:15 p.m.NFL Network, fuboTV

Sunday, Dec. 19

GameTime (ET)Channel
Panthers at Bills1:00 p.m.Fox, fuboTV
Cardinals at Lions1:00 p.m.Fox, fuboTV
Jets at Dolphins1:00 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Cowboys at Giants1:00 p.m.Fox, fuboTV
Titans at Steelers1:00 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Texans at Jaguars1:00 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Bengals at Broncos4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Falcons at 49ers4:05 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Packers at Ravens4:25 p.m.Fox, fuboTV
Saints at Buccaneers8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTV

Monday, Dec. 20

GameTime (ET)Channel
Raiders at Browns5:00 p.m.NFL Network, fuboTV
Vikings at Bears8:15 p.m.ESPN, fuboTV

Tuesday, Dec. 21

GameTime (ET)Channel
Seahawks at Rams7:00 p.m.Fox, fuboTV
Washington at Eagles7:00 p.m.Fox, fuboTV

How to watch NFL games in Week 15

This is the first week that there will be several games being aired on prime time. The Chiefs and Chargers already played on Thursday, and the Browns-Raiders, Patriots-Colts games wrapped up on Saturday. The next primetime matchups will be the Saints vs. Buccaneers on “Sunday Night Football” on NBC, and the Vikings will face the Bears on “Monday Night Football” on ESPN and ABC to wrap up Week 15.

The rest of the slate will be aired either on CBS or FOX. Check your local listings to see which games will be on your broadcast.

Canadian viewers can find the games on TSN, CTV and CTV2, and stream every game on DAZN.

NFL scores Week 15

Thursday, Dec. 16

Chiefs at Chargers34-28, KC

Saturday, Dec. 18

Patriots at Colts

Sunday, Dec. 19

Panthers at Bills
Cardinals at Lions
Jets at Dolphins
Cowboys at Giants
Titans at Steelers
Texans at Jaguars
Bengals at Broncos
Falcons at 49ers
Packers at Ravens
Saints at Buccaneers

Monday, Dec. 20

Raiders at Browns
Vikings at Bears

Tuesday, Dec. 21

Seahawks at Rams
Washington at Eagles