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Is It Ironic That the Angriest People on TV Now Have Names Like Joy, Whoopi, and Sunny?

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News that’s easy to swallow:

Many of us have heard the adage “life is not always what it seems,” – which could be said to apply even to our favorite television personalities. The angriest people currently gracing our screens seem to have names that contradict their fiery behavior: Joy, Whoopi, and Sunny are among some of the most visibly angry presenters we can think of.

Joy Behar has been a long-running host of The View and often speaks her mind when discussing current affairs with co-hosts. She has never been one for mincing words and recently said about President Biden that she “understands why he cannot tell America the truth about things like socialism because people don’t want to hear it.” Whoopi Goldberg’s anger towards specific topics on her show, The View, is well-known as well – as is her willingness to go head-to-head with any politician or other prominent figure who may disagree with her stance. And then there’s Sunny Hostin, another member of the iconic panel show who also appears on ABC’s This Week – she regularly puts forth her opinion intensely and passionately.

So why is it ironic that these notoriously hotheaded individuals bear such fitting names? Well, at least partly, it could be seen as a reminder for viewers that life does not always turn out how we expect it to. We know that for someone to succeed in any field, they must often possess distinctive qualities which separate them from the rest; in this case, those qualities manifest themselves through anger.

We can take away two pieces of advice from these aptly named personalities: firstly, don’t let your name define who you are; secondly – if you feel strongly enough about something, speak up! After all – nobody will ever hear you otherwise!

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