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Discovering Unusual and Interesting Facts About Christmas Celebrations Around The World

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Christmas is a special time of year, celebrated worldwide in many unique and exciting ways. From traditional festivities to unexpected quirks – here are some of the most unusual and interesting facts about Christmas celebrations worldwide!

1. In Norway, a popular Christmas tradition involves hiding all brooms in the house before going to bed on Christmas Eve. This is because, according to Norwegian folklore, mischievous spirits known as Nisse come out at night and steal the brooms for their use!

2. In Wales, it’s considered unlucky to take down your Christmas decorations until January 6th- known as Twelfth Night. If you remove them before then, you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the year!

3. Did you know that KFC is one of the most popular places to eat at Christmas in Japan? Starting in 1974 with what they dubbed “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” or “Kentucky for Christmas,”- it has since become one of their traditions to munch on fried chicken instead of a traditional turkey dinner!

4. Another weird holiday custom occurs in Catalunya, Spain – where people burn gigantic effigies known as ‘el Caga Tió’ during their festive celebrations. Essentially a log with legs, people feed him all December long in preparation for his big moment when he defecates presents from his very own behind!

5. On New Year’s Day in Germany, jumping off chairs at midnight is traditional so that your New Year will bring good luck. If multiple people attempt this feat together, they believe they will be blessed with great friends all year round!

6 Finally- did you know that Bethlehem hosts an annual marathon during the Advent season? Participants dress up like Biblical characters and run 26 miles through towns just outside the Holy City – truly a fantastic event not to be missed if visiting Palestine over Christmas!

These are just some of the weirdest and wildest facts about how different cultures around the world celebrate Christmas- fascinating right? We hope this article has provided a glimpse into other cultures’ festive traditions- Merry Christmas, everyone!

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