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This is disgusting, but did they break the law?

No need to chew; we've done it for you: "This is disgusting, but did he break the law?" While it's not uncommon to hear this question pop up on social media these days, the real question we should be asking is why. To answer that, we

Happy 2023… New Zealand!

Stay informed without the hassle of chewing: Happy 2023! To all Kiwis out there, it's almost time to celebrate a new chapter ahead - the beginning of another year. But did you know that New Year is celebrated in different parts of the

Tips for Shopping on a Budget This Holiday Season

No need to chew, we've done it for you: The holidays are expensive, but it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. With careful planning and clever tricks, you can find ways to shop on a budget this holiday season and get into the

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