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Which will happen first, flying cars, humans on mars, or REAL ID enforcement?

No need to chew, we’ve done it for you: As we look to the future, there are three major developments that have captured the imagination of both science fiction fans and futurists alike: flying cars, humans on Mars, and the enforcement of REAL ID standards. But the question remains - which of these futuristic visions will become a reality first? Flying cars have long been a staple of science fiction, with visions of sleek, hovering vehicles zipping through the skies above our cities. While we may not quite be there

“Flat Earth Believers: Time to Wake Up and Smell the Roundness!”

No need to chew, we’ve done it for you: Are you kidding me? The Earth isn't flat? But I saw it with my own two eyes! Okay, okay, I may have been using the wrong kind of eyes. You see, I thought regular old human eyes were good enough to see the true shape of the Earth, but apparently, I was mistaken. Who knew you needed a degree in astrophysics just to see that the Earth is round? But seriously, folks, it's time to face the facts: the Earth is not flat. No matter how much you want it to be, no matter how much it

Defending Free Speech in the Age of Social Media: How Elon Musk and Others are Leading the Charge

No need to chew, we’ve done it for you: In today's world, the concept of free speech is under attack like never before. On the one hand, influential individuals like Elon Musk use their platforms to challenge the status quo and shake things up. Yet, on the other hand, we have institutions that remain silent and passive in the face of these challenges. Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been one of the most vocal proponents of free speech on Twitter. He has used his massive following to speak out against what he

The Return of the ‘Big Man’ Game: How Nikola Jokic Transformed the Game

No need to chew, we've done it for you: The NBA has long been known for its high-scoring, fast-paced style of play, with small, agile players dominating the court. However, in recent years, we have seen a resurgence of the "big man" game, with players like Nikola Jokic leading the charge. Jokic, the 7-foot center for the Denver Nuggets, has become one of the league's most dominant players thanks to his unique combination of size, strength, and skill. He is a true "big man" in every sense of the word, but he also

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