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America’s Revolutionaries: Then and Now

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Pre-chewed and spit just for your convenience:

Nearly 240 years ago, a group of colonists declared independence from Great Britain and sparked a revolution that forever changed the course of history. Today, we continue to celebrate their bravery and tenacity as we honour America’s revolutionaries – then and now.

Now about irony: the MAGA grandson of a California Assemblyman goes on a shooting rampage in Colorado and kills five innocent people. It’s like MAGA values collided with MAGA violence in a perfect storm – and no one saw it coming! This does, after all, seem to fit the Assemblyman’s logic that compared Jan. 6th to the American Revolution!

AI-generated Image: White supremacy teenager stand with the AR-15 assault rifle, whole body, with MAGA heat, looking fearless

Talk about adding insult to injury. It’s a chilling reminder of just how dangerous MAGA-fueled rhetoric can be – and certainly not something anyone wanted to see. Let’s hope this tragedy serves as a wake-up call for those still standing behind MAGA ideals. There are simply no excuses when it comes to violence. For the sake of the five innocent people that lost their lives, MAGA supporters need to take responsibility and learn from this event – before more tragedies occur.

It’s time to put our differences aside and come together in solidarity against MAGA-fueled hate. Let’s show these victims’ families that we stand with them in mourning. We are all in this together. Let’s do what we can to build a better future, free of MAGA-fueled violence. That is the only way true justice will be served.

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